Hearts Full of Snow

Here is a preview of what the upcoming album "A Healing Place" will sound like. This song however will not be not on the actual album, but it'll give you an idea of what we sound like nowadays. 

The Chant - A Healing Place out on May 30th 2012

On their third album "A Healing Place", nowadays a seven-piece The Chant takes the listener into a place where one has to fumble in grey mist before being able to see all the shades of colour. The agonizing sides of life have to be faced before being able to clean oneself from them. The seemingly positive exterior of the album hides bitter and woesome moods.

The Chant - A Healing Place

  1. Outlines
  2. Spectral Light
  3. Riverbed
  4. The Black Corner
  5. Ocean Speaks
  6. Distant Drums
  7. My Kin
  8. Regret

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