This is The World We Know

Our second studio album “This is The World We Know” contains nine tracks of atmospheric rock with gothic and progressive influences. At times there are metal elements contrasting the soothing melodies.

Tracks available on our MySpace page

We've added the tracks "November 1987" and "New Reality" from our new album to our MySpace page. Go check them out!

In case you like what you're hearing, the album is distributed worldwide byRecordshop X. We are also updating the list of distributors on the releases and merchandise page.

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Songs of mental and social isolation

Even though the album on some level has a theme to it, you would not call it a concept album with a straight face. Nevertheless, we wanted to dive into some aspects and forms of mental and social isolation: the feeling of being alone even when surrounded by people and how subjective the concept of reality in the end is.

After creating the most impressive soundscapes we could on our debut album “Ghostlines” we decided to compose an album that would be more organic and easier to perform live as it is. Strangely enough we ended up leaving out the acoustic elements completely and focused on creating interesting melodies and atmospheres. The process was relatively intense. You can find out more from the studio diary.