Silent days covered me.
This sun fell into slumber.
Silent years orbiting.
What becomes of this sleeper?

With the perfect touch of a hand, I was turned to flesh.

The time in between closing and opening your eyes.
The moment that haunts eternally.
My time stands still, it holds back the lingering fear.
Somewhere in between what’s real and unreal.

You’re gonna be yielding and opening your eyes.
The silence will never let you go.
It’s all for your protection, you want to be protected from what’s real.


Armored Man

Wire and steel and trust, melt, promises, mirrors.
All that is left to faith, hope, memories, imprints.

Ripples on the water.
Moving branch of a tree.
The sound you wake up to.
A feeling that follows you.

I am the armored man.
Here is everything I am.

I stay hidden until your light finds me and makes me glow.

Liquid silver mercury.
Salty water on concrete.
Iron bindings sealed with vengeance.
All that is left of me.

Shifting of season.
A feeling that follows you.


Safe World

Never assume a hiding place to be secure, to be safe.
Others may be aware of it. it’s unsecure, it’s unsafe.
They come upon it by chance.
So cover your trail, cover your trail.

Do not use if you’re tired, cold or impaired in any way.

Should be checked for signs of wear.
Protect against corrosion and dust.
Don’t encase in leather, in cloth.
Protect against corrosion and dust.


Will you follow?

I summon the spirits of solace and devotion.
They ravish the creatures of treason and penitence.

They shine and reign. we are filled with dependence.
They shine and reign.
The unspoken hope incarnate.

Slowly moves the lost parade of the flame that never fades.
Just a spark can wash everything white.
Treasured is the light bearer.
Speaking without words to me: “Here is the time before daybreak. now is the moment for courage.”


November 1987

I move between the stones.
From here the flood will rise.

I’ll teach you how the road bends, it curves to meet the sky.
The flood will rise.

I move around these dark entries.
I was forced to stay behind.

I’ll teach you how the road bends, it curves to meet the sky.

What wonders will you show me from here to fading dawn?
Here I walk, this is the door.
And the flower blazes in my throat.
This is the world I know.

I travel on the breeze.
Pass through them like hope.
And the flower blazes in my throat.



The earth stood still.
Tremors buried underneath.
The scene was made of light.
And I noticed it was kind.

On the water’s edge.
Darkened wind beneath my feet I’m standing.
This sea is mine.
And the water, it is kind.

I’m staying ‘cause right here I’m everything.
This underwater whirl can save me.
I’m staying ‘cause right here I’m everything.
Reflection of the one who made me.



We cracked it all
We felt that their ways,
betrayal and rage, were gone

I still feel you move
Although I fear you're not really here at all

But in the ghostlines
Following the frail
Growing up with the night
There was my flame

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