Common Price

A defiant serenade echoes at the ends of the earth.
It feeds this dream of the fall.

The fall of a narrow mind and the blood among the first snow.
Would it justify the means?

“It’s a common price that follows a sacrifice”.

But deep is the void in those who dwell in a shallow world.
And great the challenge to break their apathy.

At the ends of the earth it started.
Somehow we always knew our true nature.

It’s a common price followed by a paradise”.

But don’t hold your breath for those who will forget.


The Black Ascension

We followed the spirits here to a distant shore.
A place we can call home, finally.

So much blood was shed in search of peace of mind.

Carved in stone in times of old.
The mind becomes a body.
Forged with fire through a black hole.
The mind becomes a body.

We ascend from another time, another place.

It’s a dream we all had somewhere along the way.
Somewhere else this would be the end.


New Reality

A wasted youth means walking on a lost path.
But a different view when gazing at the sights.

Are you guided by dreams? Again it all came true.
This is The Great Confusion that they whispered about.

We have seen another world where dark imitates light.
And we have been on the other side where death equals life.
Beyond the gates of sleep, dream is the new real.

Have you felt the pressure of a tormented mind?
Behold The Great Confusion they are talking about.

Give no time. Give no chance.

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